A Clean Office Without The Headaches

Le Page Cleaning live and breathe commercial office cleaning. We understand the stresses and time wasted dealing with cleaning providers that either don't understand your needs or simply don't care. Infact, it's why we started this company. To excell in areas we know the industry is lacking and set a new standard.

Specialised not Generalised

It's better to do one thing well, than ten things poorly.

Heather Hart

We are strong believers in delivering a specific service with perfection, rather than poorly executing many services.


Le Page Cleaning has developed systems specifically for professional office cleaning. From training to procedures, cleaning products and communication.

Have the cleanest office in town with no hassles or fuss. 


Tailored Plans & Open Communication

Our main goal is to discover your cleaning pain and tailor a plan that meets your needs to ensure you get the service you actually want and that solves your problems.


We believe it is vital that our clients understand exactly how we will help, setting expectations and meeting them without fail.

Our client focus means we check in regularly and keep open lines of communication, ensuring our clients feel valued and satisfied.

That which is left untreated can prove fatal.

Niel Bastian

OH&S and Environmental Health

Le Page Cleaning is fully committed to the prevention of harm to our employees, our clients and the environment,


We strongly adhere to all applicable laws, regulations and standards and aim to continually improve our work health & safety standards above and beyond current laws and regulations.

We recognise that we have the responsibility to ensure our services do not negatively impact the environment 


Our environmental management approach seeks to continuously improve with consideration of evolving scientific knowledge and community expectations.

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