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Five Germ Filled Facts About Your Office

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Are you one of the 6,211,500 Australians that work at their desks? Do you run out the door in the morning and devour your brekkie in front of your work computer? Or avoid Karen the office gossip at lunch by staying at your desk? If that sounds like you, you may want to read on!

Here are 5 germ filled facts about your office:

1. The office toilet is cleaner than your desk!


That's right, studies have shown that your desk is on average 400 times more dirty than the office toilet seat. With desks having around 5,000 microbes per square centimeter and toilet seats harboring around eight per square centimeter! While we are on the topic of toilets, a recent survey found that a whopping 32% admitted to never washing their hands after having used the loo. That's almost two out of every five people!

2. Eating at your desk is a big part of the problem

I get it, sometimes with a busy schedule there just isn't time to take a lunch break away from the office. With about 60% of people choosing to have their lunch while working, the desk very quickly becomes a playground for microbes and before you know it your desk has hundreds of millions of microbes covering ever inch. 

3. Microbes can live longer than you'd think

Many common microbes can live as long as 72 hours on surfaces. The common cold, for instance, can live up to around 50 hours and the Flu Virus up to 60! Also, contrary to popular belief, infections are far more likely to be spread via contaminated surfaces as opposed to the office Kevin coughing and sneezing on you.

4. Your phone is one of dirtiest pieces of equipment on your desk

Second only to the keyboard, your office phone alone has more than 3,900 microbes per square centimeter! This is especially true when offices don't hire cleaning services as one in ever five workers NEVER clean their desks. To add to the madness it's estimated that 26% of us have faecal matter on our hands this very second. Talk about a nasty wake up call!

5. A clean office can make a HUGE difference

Studies have shown that having a clean office leads to higher employee satisfaction and a productivity increase of up to eight per cent, while an uncleaned office can lead to lower morale and a clear lowering of work standards. Couple this with higher rates of sickness, leading to an increase in sick days ends up costing the Australian economy over $30 billion each year in lost productivity!

When it comes to having a clean and positive workspace, it is always a good idea to take small steps to ensure healthy office hygiene and hire professional cleaning services regularly to keep your office looking and feeling great for your team and your customers.

Author Matthew Le Page Company Director

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